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Against NATO - Croatia


At October 6, NATO had military excercises in Croatia. While political and military "elites" visited happening, anarchists organized protests in Zagreb, Pula and Split. Anarchists wanted to show that there is someone who is against participation of Croatia in this military alliance. Better to do something than to watch everything with apathy. Already longer time groups like FoodNotBombs make actions called No NATO! Beside them, there are anarcho-syndicalists and queer-anarchists who participate together with them in such actions.

In city Zadar anarchists planed action but city council refused to give permission for it, so they moved their action for October 13. This time they just hanged banners and stickers against NATO at bridges.

In Split, FoodNotBombs talked with people on the street, gave them leaflets and hanged banner at church towel.

Anarchists in Pula gave leaflets also.
In Zagreb, one day before, anarchists hanged banners and put stickers in the centre of the town. At 7.October they made one more action.
Although actions look like small, it was visible and people saw that we are not everybody agreed about participation in NATO. We can't wait that someone do something for us, than we must make initiative, actions. We know the best what we need, not some politicians who have nothing with us.

As Glas Istre report, after anarchists from Zagreb, Split and Zadar, anarchists from Pula participated in actiopns against NATO. In the night between sunday and monday, in several places in Pula was hanged baners against this military organiyation. Baner NATO with added nazi sign was hanged at one bridge while other baner with question "NATO peace keeper?" was hanged at highway. In the centre of the town was hanged banner "NATO=WAR". There were and stickers in the town: "They want us like a parents who prepare their own children to be ready for war"; "War has a need for us, we have no need for war".
Anarchists showed that there are people who are against NATO and in their leaflets they said that as a generation who survived war thez know verz good what is war and thez don?t want it to anybody anytime. Action in Pula was organized by anarchists who call themselves "Anonimous in black".


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