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Thessaloniki, Greece: General Strike direct report

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Watch the video the current strike in Thessaloniki.

View video documentary by masked cops with iron bars that come and go from the chains of riot police after 4:00 minutes.
Continue today on the second day of protests across the country for 48-hour strike vote in view of the medium. Concentrations are organized in all cities by the GSEE, ADEDY, primary societies and unions. Thousands of people are expected to descend on squares and streets of the country.
The molds will concentrations and marches in Thessaloniki, Athens, Larissa and other cities.

9.30: Attack astynonikon forces assembled in the Annunciation Street, Vas. Information refer to high intensity combat in protesters were injured.
10.00: Attack of MAT stos assembled in the Panathenian broke the block in two. Information refer to injuries.
11.15: The police have ruled the Metro stations so that no world can come to the Constitution.
11.40: Thousands of people gathered in the Constitution. Unprecedented volumes of police forces.
13.15: Several thousand people gathered in front of the House Constitution, while the debate continues within. The protesters have set up roadblocks early on to prevent the MPs to enter parliament, to prevent the passage of the Medium Term but the police broke up violently. One of the injured are George Charissis, Second Vice-President of the Executive Committee of P.O.E.-O.T.A. that diakomistike by ambulance to EKAB Evangelismos Hospital having suffered head injuries by heavy blows with batons who were able men of M.A.T. Doctors Hospital went on stitches, while his health is being monitored. In a communication of the WTO-TAB said: "The P.O.E.-O.T.A. indicates that violent and indiscriminate attacks on above command of the Police Force is not going to break the just struggle of workers. The Term Program of the government demolish every right workers, mortgaging the future of Greek and sells out the country. "
13.30: Attack of riot police with throwing chemical bombs and stun flash was some time before the Unknown Soldier and on B. Amalia.
13.45: At the moment the riot police attack with batons and firing tear gas and stun grenades flash on the demonstrators in front of the Constitution. Reportedly injured and many respiratory problems.
13.55: The riot police attack on demonstrators from all sides in Northern Amalia protesters have disappeared from the Cato street. A few minutes from chemicals and lots of wood protesters carried an unconscious injured hands.
14.00: The MAT is constantly attacking without provocation and violent demonstrators in Vas Amalia and the protesters did not leave and insist on retaking the square. 5 reportedly arrested and many injured. The protesters are constantly carrying wounded hands.
14.30: The riot police are constantly attacking the protesters with tons of chemicals. The number of prosachthenton and wounded is increasing.
15.30: Ongoing generalized conflict in the Constitution and the riot police attacked the demonstrators. Currently squads of riot police cut off the protesters from the street Filellinon while the world tries to protect itself from the violence of the police.
15.40: Generalized and unjustifiable attack on the police was a few minutes Filellinon Street, where men of riot police attacked demonstrators and block clubs dissolving them.
16.00: Continuous squads of riot police attacked demonstrators around the streets of Ermou and Filellinon. The riot police have surrounded the B. Amalia and the Constitution while at intervals by chemical attack to the assembled, who is suffocating due to chemical and space.
16.10: The address of King George announced the full evacuation of the hotel because of the situation in Syntagma Square
17.00: Wild attack has just received a structured block Joined Street Otto among them that of the Youth Coalition. According to eye witnesses the brutality of the police was unnecessary and dispelled the block.
17.15: According to eyewitnesses the riot police beating the protesters trapped in the building of the Teachers' Federation of Greece at the junction of Xenophon and Filellinon. Is why many serious injuries.
17.20: Continuous calls made by the speakers at Syntagma Square for doctors in the metro where there are about 500 injured and called the police to let ambulances through.
17:38: Throwing hundreds of chemical bombs and stun flash made so far in Syntagma Square by riot police. The squads of riot police trying to disperse the protesters from the premises of Syntagma Square.
18:14: Fire is now at the TT. The police entered the square. Enterprise Square. Fierce fighting. Arrests and emptied the square.
18:20: They dissolve Square riot police, people have caught the subway, where there are many wounded.
18:24: The world reoccupies the square and does not go away. The riot police seem to disappear. Now tear at the top of the square.
18:37: The police are attacking the world now in Monastiraki. People gather in the square there to respond. The images described are shocking and conflicts are a huge area in central Athens.
18:39: Attack accepts people and Monastiraki metro station from the group DIAS. Fierce fighting now.
19:30: According to fire took the store's bank to the millenium University and currently mechanized forces police Hunting protesters in the area of ​​Exarchia.
21:00: According to team members and DELTA DIAS patrol around the center of Athens where ygkentromenos people are trying to break up with chemicals and stun grenades flash. Some time ago the same happened in the area of ​​the Acropolis Dionysiou Areopagitou.
19:55: Around 800 people gathered in the Square Tower Avenue and discuss the next moves.
21:00: Over 1500 people are currently on Tower Avenue and is expected to decide their next moves.
21:25: Starting now march from the Square Tower Avenue to the city center. The world is estimated to exceed 3000.
21:40: The path started in the streets and reportedly will come to the town hall.
22:10: Increases the world on the path and surpasses the 4000. Currently the head of the state is in the Arch.
22:14: Egnatia to Hagia Sophia is currently the course, with a strong pulse.
22:55: The path soon crossed the Square Tower Avenue and continues to City Hall
23:15: In a few minutes to reach the hall way. The Hall is surrounded on each side with squads of riot police and cameras.
23:27: The path has ftasei City Hall and shout slogans.
23:37: The protesters returned to the Square Tower Ave.
In prosygkentosi involved blocks of primary unions, ENITH the club waiters cooks, the labor movement for emancipation and self-organization, the ANTARSYA, class path, the SSC and the race committee Great Panagia.

View photos from today's evening march in Thessaloniki


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