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Police brutality - the transformation of crime on a mechanism of power by


Rogue cops

Police brutality - the transformation of crime on a mechanism of power
The psychiatrist Kleanthis Grivas

This note for police violence, targeted specifically at those (uniformed and non) psychopathic "personalities" who are prone to the exercise of violence and is dedicated to the always-distinctive non-bully (uniformed or not) "hunters" who usually arbitrary and unlimited playing it safe because of coverage or levels of service and their political superiors.

The violence and arbitrariness is to some extent, inherent in the functioning of the police in all societies. But only in uncivilized societies (which kanonarchountai a member brothel which aspires to epanametavlithei a member slaughterhouse), violence and arbitrariness can be projected pattern institutions certified element, authoritarian covered fully justified and official conduct a special section of the forces of "class".

Violence is an integral component of the police as a repressive institution. And because of this, it is natural to emfilochoroun therein several perverted psychopathic personalities, which can engage with impunity in individual and group exercises and thanatolatreias necrophilia (having, again, coverage of the "supervisory authority" Staff and policy, and colleagues them).

These psychiatric cases (beyond the psychiatric treatment because they have the ability to discharge the vicious aggression against the defenseless citizens of the safe, pretending to be police officers), respond to a new body, charaktiriodomiko and Behavior in the current Orwellian ' 1984 ':

• An authoritarian mutant zombies, its existence is running out of the hands, feet, revolver, the club, some genitals (nonexistent or dubious functionality) and an aplastic brain (which facilitates enormously the performance of the pious office of the torturer).

• A perverted psychopathic personality, a mixture of Frankenstein Papachroni, Dalton, and Davelis koutsavaki, planned authoritarian to manifest an uncontrolled destructive aggression and shamelessly says a thousand ways that (this, remaining mentally zombies) is the favored executive power and equipped with the exclusive right "to fucks and beats" and vice versa.

• A foul humanoid (whose appearance and only affect the aesthetics and offends the dignity of every civilized man), which, with the arrogance, the koutsavakikes moves, look stupid and primitive speech, shoots against society unbearable vulgarity, the bottomless void, the horrific brutality and sinister of mental universe.

Therefore, those uniformed and non-engaged in the "noble sport" of abuse or murder defenseless civilians or prisoners, is just bullying apes are characterized by a huge deficit of humanity, culture, education, culture and sensibility possessed by an abysmal hatred anything that goes beyond the narrow horizon, and, with their existence, make dark deleted society's future.
Hooded brutality

When the obnoxiousness of those actions that constitute the (informal) Special Orders brutality exceeds or will exceed the tolerance of society, the perpetrators of the atrocity care to cover 'persons' with hoods (with full coverage of political and administrative superiors). Which covers both their anonymity and also reveals the shameful of their activities (which are themselves keen to addicts of violence as may be done in secret and whose disclosure perpetually afraid because of the inherent demerits.

Using the hood refers associatively-always-the underworld (bank robbers, train, etc.) and partners of current occupiers of a country (Greece, Algeria, etc.). Therefore, the adoption by the police the hood (ie, ownership of a symbol that has always been a trademark of the crime by the police), semantic indicates that police egklimatopoieitai.

Paraphrasing slightly Michel Foucault, one can see that: "The almost mythical importance is becoming a masked police officer due to the fact that crime, the person cop armor covering his face with a hood, apparently acquired the ambiguous status of the object and the body of a policeman who fights the system while working with her.

A masked police officer notes the time the crime separate from other wrongdoing falls within the authority and reversed. It is the time where the direct institutional link between police and crime.
Dramatic moment when the crime becomes a mechanism of power ... Finally the Shakespearean era, where power is synonymous with horror to one and the same person. I start to just the daily melodrama of the police force and the crime of complicity with power. " (Michel Foucault, Surveillance and Punishment, p. 372).

Masked police officers who adopt the dress 'preferences' of criminals supposedly rivals, the repulsive brutality of their behavior affects the humane, democratic sensibilities, ethics and aesthetics, and we reveal to the whole society the hellish mental or psychological the universe, the obvious crass vulgarity and brutality of their existence, with an unprecedented display of bully 'macho'
covered by the managers of power.

The filmografisi brutality

Sometimes the cruelty that happens to filmography thus showing the horrifying abuse of public citizens rough hooded and invade our homes a group of humanoid monsters who impersonate police officers, who (captured behind the lack of any sign that could reveal identity) starring in a play titled "the apotheosis of police brutality", raised more often.

Every time the TV news show atypical Special Orders brutality on the project, a group of hominids that are characterized by a huge deficit of humanity, culture, education, culture and sensitivity and possessed by an abysmal hatred for anything that gets out of the tubular mental horizon, they can spit and trample with impunity the conquests of civilization, and to outline the future of police-criminal medieval society reserving transmission of power.

Scope of conflict and, simultaneously, the subject distribution of the respective transmission power, the state in the country of the Greeks and Graikylon regarded not as an institution follow its operation is governed by some generally accepted and relatively stable rules (as in modern liberal -oligarchic societies) but as an exclusive fiefdom of individual managers.

In each state formation, the police is an extremely sensitive "long arm" of power, against which professional politicians hold a amfithymiki attitude: As opposition try to limit their activities within the law and as the government proclaim the necessity of overcoming these limits in the name of protecting society from someone, usually imaginary or constructed, risk.

"The state is the police" (I), (ie I) determine the respective managers of power, proving that the management of power was and remains a cause of Mr. Hyde rather than Dr. Jekyll. In other words, while the power is on the edge of the pistol and the core of schizophrenia. Therefore, holding the pistol and exousiofreneia is necessary properties of those who claim and manage the power aschimonontas impunity to the detriment of us all.
Negligence or failure of any society to impose limits on the horror that entails any arbitrary exercise of power, the condemned to live the horror without limits Orwellian "1984", which unfortunately vindicated nonstop.



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