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jeszcze może dodam do tego,

jeszcze może dodam do tego, do jakiego stopnia koncepcje Stirnera i Bakunina były zbieżne, a zwłaszcza jak stirneryzm jest zbieżny z PRAKTYKĄ to zwięźle wyjaśnia taki cytat - poza odrzucaniem społeczeństwa, Stirner w ogóle odrzucał kolektywną działalność:

While Engels and other writers have suggested that Bakunin was influenced by another Hegelian, the fiercely individualist Max Stirner, there is no evidence of this. Stirner denounced the state in language that seemed to foreshadow anarchism, but his polemics on individuality failed to comprehend that humans were social beings who only developed and progressed in community. Where Stirner insisted that freedom meant having no responsibility to or for others, Bakunin had long understood that humanity could be free only in society. Stirner boldly proclaimed that there was no good or evil only the ego, and rejected any constraints on human behavior. It followed that he rejected political action, for it was by definition collective action concerned with society rather than the individual. For all his fiery pronuncements, Stirner was rather colorless and boring in person; his real name, Johann Kaspar Schmidt, more accurately reflected his personality and importance. Bakunin mentioned Stirner precisely once in his collected works, and than only in passing. Stirner's exaggerated individualism, expressed most passionately in his book The Ego and Its Own, had little appeal for Bakunin or his fellow Hegelians. Indeed, it was Marx and Engels who devoted considerable space to Stirner, albeit very critical space, in The German Ideology and The Holy Family; as far as can be determined, Bakunin had no interest, even a negative one, in Stirner ideas.


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