Student Protests Will Continue and Radicalize


A mass protest is being organized for Saturday, May 20 in Warsaw.


The last elections (Presidential and parliamentary) in Poland were won by the Law and Justice Party which, apart from the politics implied by their name, is ultra-Catholic, homophobic and conservative. Since their coming to power, they have had more and more influence in the Ministry of Education meaning the wish to realize ideological programming through the public school system.

Wave of Radical Students' Protests in Poland


Today, people from the Students' Initiative held protests around Poland against the new Minister of Education, Roman Giertych. Giertych is the extreme-right leader of the League of Polish families, and the youth organization he reactivated (which had a history before the communist days of conducting pogroms) is best known for attacking gay parades and the like.

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In Warsaw there was a very lively demo with many slogans against religion in schools, for libertarian education and against the government. The demonstration was joined by some people and many people sitting in cafes along the route were applauding. About 1000 people took part.

Other demos were held in Szczecin, Krakow, Katowice, Czestochowa, Wroclaw and Rzesów. We are just getting in reports but we are told they went without incident, gathered a couple of hundred people each and had wide public support from pedestrians and others on the street.

The actions will repeat next week and hopefully be even bigger.

Anti-Fascist Actions, Russia, Ukraine and Beyond

Świat | English

Regardless of the fact that we anarchists have no illusions about the aims of the Second World War and the so-called "victory over fascism" -- which was first of all the victory of the stalinist USSR over fascist
Germany -- we welcome the anti-fascist actions taking place around the 9 May
holiday and report on various news agencies and the active groups' websites.

Anti-fascist Hackers Break Into a Nazi site.

On 9 May, 2006 the Russian hackers group Antifa Hack Team broke into the neo-nazi site "Bseslovyanskiy Nazistski Portal" (All-Slavic/Pan-Slavic Nazi Portal).

The site's header was replaced with "Anti-fascists of Russia. Antifa Hack Team." Photographs from the (1945) Victory parade were placed on the main page along with text congratulating anti-fascist veterans: "S Dnyom

5,000 jobs to go at NTL

Świat | English

Cable company NTL will tomorrow announce a jobs cull, axing almost a third of its British workforce as it pushes for £250m in annual cost savings from its £3.4bn merger with rival Telewest.

Around 5,000 jobs are expected to go from the combined company's workforce of 17,000 over the next few years.

The company is expected to outsource many call centre positions in a move likely to anger unions about the ease with which big business can abandon British workers in favour of cheaper overseas labour. NTL already has deals with Fujitsu and IBM to deal with customer care through staff in India and South Africa. IBM, for instance, deals with customer service for NTL's broadband offering.

Anarchist Robin Hoods


Police are after a group of people who steal from expensive supermarkets to give food to the poor. But they aren't after the people who steal from the poor to give money to the rich.

Anticivilisation gathering: against the megamachine.


This year we are calling for a new gathering of critics against civilization. The gathering will take place in the North of Barcelona (near the Iberic Mediterranean coast) on the 2, 3, 4 and 5 of June.

Anarchists Against the Wall - Interview


The group known as "Anarchists Against the Fence", to which Cohen belongs, is one of the fascinating phenomena which came into being because of the building of the fence. The term "anarchists" brings to mind a group of tattooed punkists, who run away from conscription and who protect wild flowers with as much fury as they devote to the downtrodden Palestinians. In practice, their anarchism is mainly expressed in the independent activity of every member, with many individual differences between them.
The Separation Fence is closing in upon more and more Palestinian villages. Their inhabitants are cut off from sources of livelihood. Some Israelis are not willing to remain silent.

The so-called „Bolkestein Directive”

The so-called „Bolkestein Directive” is the last of a long series of steps on the way towards the complete deconstruction of the welfare state and the liquidation of the last social privileges in the whole of the European Union. As anarchists, we don’t consider state guarantees as a solution worth fighting for. We are too aware of the corrupting character of any government and the ineptitude of bureaucrats. These characteristics of a the state system mean that a “welfare state” can only be a farce.

Nonetheless we cannot be silent when the arguments of “greater competitiveness” and “flexible labour market” are used to deprive masses of workers of any chances for a better future. So-called “free market” processes are completely unable to ensure healthy norms of social existence. On the long term, these processes can only mean the levelling to the bottom of the level of life of workers in all of the EU contries.
We don’t have any illusions. We know that a decent social status of workers will not be achieved through laws and actions within the legal framework of the capitalist system. Nonetheless we have to express our protest and fight with all available means against the increasing exploitation of workers. Let’s be realists! Let’s demand the impossible! With radical protests we can force the authorities give us concessions! Let us not be fooled by empty talk about “common interests of employers and employees”. We want only one thing from the government and the capitalists: we want them to disappear off the face of the earth!
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