Fotografie z Dnia Gniewu Społecznego - Warszawa 31 marca 2012

Ruch anarchistyczny

Poniżej, publikujemy zdjęcia z Dnia Gniewy Społecznego, organizowanego przez Związek Syndykalistów Polski oraz Komitet Obrony Lokatorów, który odbył się 31 marca 2012 r. w Warszawie

 Pod domem Mossakowskiego  Presidential Palace  Got cold, snow, hail. Our oldest protester protests against raising the retirement age.  Were pissed off.  Retired person who was evicted  In front of the university  Talk about precarious working and living conditions of students  It snowed, rained and hailed and not everybody could walk the whole way. But they tried.  Solidarity with various groups in struggle, against the citys policies  Marching down the most expensive street in Poland  Wildcat Strike Now! Starbucks Sucks!  We reminded people of anti-union repression  Bread instead of games. (Reference to Euro 2012)  At the Ministry of Economy  The police protect the rich from the poor  Ewas dog knew to take a shit in front of the American Embassy  (first) Solidaritys 19 Postulate was for access to housing  for self-management  Tenants Defense Committee says Stop Evictions!  Warsaw is friendly only for the rich  The class struggle continues!  At the Ministry of Injustice