Greece: First day of countrywide 48 h general strike


 AthensFirst day nationwide general strike

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24.00 The city center has become a battleground. Yet the world remains on the streets despite the ruthless use of chemical and rabid attacks cops, which escalated during the night. The protesters need urgent aid, and who / s leaving the way they do mainly because of high stress, not so much because of fear. All day there were clear orders the system to remove the people from the Constitution, repressive forces of a superpower and a strong presence asfaliton. Cops also were mobilized from across the province. Recalled that tomorrow at 2 pm Understanding the medium will be voted in, so I asked the strikers to flood the Constitution from early morning to surround the parliament. Many solidarity strikers are expected to arrive by the first train from Thessaloniki.

23.50 A few minutes squads attacked the stadium and drowned the world of chemicals. On the down side of Syntagma Square have erected barricades. Protesters resist despite the great fatigue. The whole area is vibrated by the slogans BATSI, pigs, killing the junta did not finish her '73.

23.39 After three hours of detention, were transported to police headquarters prosachthentes, where he remained for six more hours. And 20 arrests at afferent converted summarily. Tomorrow, June 29, at 10 am called merger of solidarity to the arrested courts Street Academy. Among others, arrested a woman 56chroni earlier in Syntagma Square.

23.30 By this time raging hard collisions. Ambulance rushing to the aid of increasingly numerous injured demonstrators, carrying people from the Hotel Grande Bretagne.

23.17 The intensity has been generalized. In various parts of central Athens, the world pushes cops to stone throwing. On Stage at the moment the police attacked the demonstrators, and conflicts continued in Constitution Square, as before. In Filellinon and surrounding narrow lined MAT. At least 5-6 squads in the Russian Church, near Syntagma Square. Zappeion hundreds Bulletin. Contributing Ardittou and Vouliagmeni, near the A Cemetery of Athens, dozens michanompatsoi stalk.

23.15 Large crowd at Constitution tonight, much enhanced by the number of morning strike path. Clashes between riot police and protesters led to the temporary postponement of the concert. This time is throwing stun flash and tear on the heads of the world.

22.55 In Athens raging huge conflicts. People committed struggling despite top sedation.

22.35 Attack of cops in the world was at the height of the Amalia House. At least one prosachthentas. Interrupted the concert. Stones in MATades ostracized.

22.20 Constitution: The show goes on. At various points people have lit fires from time to neutralize the chemicals.

21.24 conflicts started between concentrated in the square and police once again. Live broadcast of the Constitution here.

21.10 Police tried to evacuate the Constitution Square, to no avail. Protesters defend the square.

21.00 street fighting at the height of the Hotel Grande Bretagne. Extensive use of tear gas, stun flash.

20.35 Motorized course arrived from Thessaloniki to the Constitution.

19.50 Constitution: Attack of the riot in front of parliament on the occasion throwing plastic water bottles. Gathered regrouped and counterattacked: Almost bare hands moved to the cops, and pushed aside the four rows of railings. So basically, retook the point in front of the Unknown Soldier. Constantly swarming crowd of people in the square.

19.02 Athens: A photojournalist and a lawyer were threats and insults when uniformed police officers ran to the aid of two new prosachthenton, on the corner of University and Homer. According to the official police statement, made 5 arrests and detentions 17. This time many people still gathered in the Constitution. Protesters clean the square of the chemical self-organized, with buckets of water. Power marches and occupations of town halls in various Greek cities. For tomorrow, many collectives and assemblies in the neighborhoods of Athens invite to surround the parliament. Ship departed since Heraklion to Piraeus, to organized protesters to come down tomorrow morning in the Constitution.

19.00 Heraklion: Approximately 2-3000 protesters participated in the march. There were two prosygkentroseis: the Labour Centre and Liberty Square. At 11.15 began the march from Freedom Square. About 800 people came to ergatopateres Labour Centre. There was a pulse of more blocks, thrown trikakia were written slogans on walls. Also thrown eggs and red paint at the offices of PASOK. Most cops were hidden in the surrounding narrow. Several protesters from Heraklion had already risen in Athens, while the concentration of 17.00 was called Freedom Square, to descend to the port world that wants to participate in tomorrow's demonstrations in Athens - the afternoon meeting will decide whether the protesters will travel for a fee or not .

17.50 From the square goes back to the world Amalia, shouting to flee the police.

17.45 According to eyewitnesses, one Mataji threw his helmet and shield while on duty, abandoning the democratic duty of massive repression crowd. Other platoon leaders beaten fiercely not leave. While an ambulance of the Red Cross evacuation procedures wounded and people with respiratory problems in hospital, cops threw chemicals.

17.39 Generalized pogroms throughout the area of ​​Syntagma Square. Squads hunt them assembled, expanding the world to the Propylaea. Unconfirmed 3 18 arrests and detentions.

17.25 is still a few people with banners in Syntagma Square. Fire truck arrived to recoup mobile vans, who testified that it was burned by clicking flash. Conflicts raging on the barricades. Protesters resist standing chemical warfare of the cops. Unverified number of afferent: Feedbacks speak for 4 and 21 arrests detentions and police reports 4 wounded cops.

17.00 focused While moving, the tension carried in the bottom of the square. The Otto opened again, filled with many people. Parallel continuous shooting tear gas, stun flash.

16.50 Constitution: Several tear gas into the subway station, from Amalia. The majority of anarchists have gone, but there are companions to the point. Invasion of cops at the top of the square, melee. By Otto, a small group confrontational mood, with distinctive fan, playing stone throwing against the numerous forces of repression. Some organizers of the Assembly Constitution, possibly with far-right "Greek 300", Maalox to divide the world in order to protect from chemicals.

16.40 Conflicts and throwing tear gas is now the monument the Unknown Soldier. The world is broken. It is estimated that approx 2,000 remaining focused. Nevertheless, people do not leave the square.

16.05 Testimonials 3 afferent to the Constitution - the one member club.

15.57 Protesters recover Filellinon space at the bottom of Syntagma Square.

15.45 Athens: Platoon evacuated Street Amalia, business-cleaner with tear gas. Wild chemical warfare: asphyxiating by Metro, even against the tent first aid station square.

15.36 Ioannina: Carry occupation of the Municipal Radio of Ioannina (98,7 fm). The decision on the seizure occurred after assembly of the people in the square after the strike path. The purpose is to propagate the current meeting at 8 pm organized for tomorrow's activities and progress at 10.30 Labor Center in Ioannina.

15.25 Around the corner of Stadium Filellinon, Otto: World surrounded and trapped in Syntagma Square resistant to stone throwing and fire extinguishers. Other protesters surround the cops threaten the square. World directed by the Constitution to hear the clicking Flash Propylaea dropping every 30 seconds.

15.02 Constitution: The cops hurling broken marbles against demonstrators.

14.55 Constitution: The bulk of protesters is in the square for about one hour. A total of 32 riot squads guarding the parliament, making extensive use of tear gas in their attempt to break the assembled. The last 40 minutes there is continued conflict in the bottom of Syntagma Square, on the part of Serbia Karageorghis. Clashes also raged Street Stadium. According to demonstrators from the square, the cops throw chemicals per second.

14.52 Cops have invaded in Syntagma Square.

14.40 Maroussi, a northern suburb of Athens: At least 200 machines went Dias Avenue Avenue quickly and horns defiantly.

14.32 Constitution: Currently burning a Greek flag. Conflicts Filellinon and Bucharest and in front of the Hotel Grande Bretagne.

14.30 approx Thessaloniki: Health Minister Loverdos was ruled by many people, straight to Papafio Foundation, but stated that apegklovistike.

14.20 We are currently breaking the McDonald's, there are roadblocks to fires. Stun flash chemicals. Many people involved in collisions. Flares, stone throwing up the Stadium. In front of the parliament are still many protesters block.

14.10 stone throwing with the cops, tear gas and stun flash, the first conflict in the lower side of Syntagma Square. World Stadium and broke with the University, but protesters remain in the Constitution.

14.05 Constitution, Otto and Amalia: Previously the fascists were trapped in the portico of Otto, where they blocked at least 1,000 protesters. Throwing chemicals by squads of riot police up the street Filellinon. The assembled people retreated to the plaza, but gradually returned to parliament ahead.

14.02 Prisoners in the A wing of male Korydallos prison mutiny by refusing to enter the cells.

13.40 Constitution: Approx 15 neo-Nazis shouting fascist slogans near the CSC angle Othon and Amalia. Anarchists are quick to repel them.

13.14 Patra: H 2-3000 people protest ended without problems. Before beginning the course, comrades expropriated the banner of the Labour Centre, which attempted to lead the course. Then all blocks overtook the bloc's Labor Center, which eventually withdrew completely. In the course participated common block approx 300 anarchist groups "tools Tool" and "Passage". The Left parties have completed the course in George Square, which compiles the resentful, and some primary unions and the public bloc anarchists resulted in the square Olga. Currently in progress occupation of the Labour Centre Patras anarchists / antexousiastes.

13.03 Athens: The block sold out of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) is up now in Syntagma Square, with approx 5,000 protesters.

12.34 In Xanthi, were three marches. PAME has occupied the tax office in the morning. People and Resistance Initiative, and the Labor Center was too short. The concentrations were much less crowded than other times. In a move to isolate the trade unionists, the block of the Initiative was able to just run out without any political anentachto employee, plus some anarchists / antexousiastes.

12.20 Athens: Approx 15,000 protesters various primary unions and anarchists block started by the Museum (Patission). Already the head of the state is in Kolokotronis. The Constitution gathers world and protesters arriving from other cities.

12.17 Thessaloniki, Greece: Protesters in primary unions joined the strike prosygkentrosi at the junction of Egnatia and Hagia Sophia. The course of approx 10,000 people driven by the Labor Center in St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki.

12.14 Mytilini, Lesbos completed the course about 600 demonstrators. We follow open meeting.

12.05 According to the announcement of the General Federation of Personnel Division of Electricity (GENOP / PPC), today between 11.00 and 15.30 will be rotating blackouts almost a half hours at the Attica region.

11.00 In Piraeus early in the morning sailors and members of the GO (the "K" KE) went to catapult ships, preventing the departure port in the center of the country. In Athens, approx 25,000 people in front of the parliament at the moment, mostly protesters of PAME.

01.01 Prisons in Greece: Text prisoners Memorandum for the medium - The text subscribe a total of 468 inmates / s prison Korydallos (male and F wing), Ioannina, Vlora, Nafplion, Corfu. They decided to remain outside the cells during the lunch closing total of at least 789 prisoners / s Korydallos prison (and A, D, F wing male), read, Amfissa D1 wing male Grevena. You make soup kitchen in total abstinence 1,508 inmates of prisons Grevena, B wing male Larissa, Ioannina, Vlora Malandrino, Read, Cassandra Thessaloniki. This mobilization of the prisoners made the day of the vote medium to protest the economic and political impasse in which the Greek Society for the occupation of the country by big business for the legislative junta. This move is also in solidarity with those who / s fighting in the streets and squares of the Greek cities.

00.00 approx Arta, western Greece: Dozens of workers and solidarity blockaded the entrance to the plant of the poultry association in the city. They had decided to exclude the plant throughout the 48-hour general strike, but the blockade was over 4.30 in the morning. According to reports, employers engaged in long real terror to the workers to not participate in strikes. Unpaid workers cooperative invite the world to participate in the strike.

Information on public transport in 48-hour strike

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