Hamburg: Międzynarodowa Demonstracja Przeciw Szczytowi UE-Azja

2007-05-28 12:00
2007-05-28 16:00

Asia summit - against G8 and capitalist reality

12h Reeperbahn / Spielbudenplatz, Hamburg St.Pauli

for storming the summit and a entirely different entirety

At the 28th and 29th of may, the Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM) will take place in hamburg. This meeting with the EU-foreign ministers and 15 asian colleagues with 1400 bureaucratic assitants is set a few days
befor the G8-summit in Heiligendamm. During this summit the inner city will be transformed into a security zone. Hamburg is self-proclaiming as a "gate to the world" and the asian markets and it is hosting the largest conference in the FR Germany during the German EU Council

We will disrupt this summit! We call for a demonstration aiming at the inner city and the summits location to attack the G8 and EU politics!

The EU gains to stronger open the door to the immensive growing asian market through ASEM and to enforce own global interests. We show up with an confrontative attitude to the EU summit in Hamburg, the G8 in
Heiligendamm and to the local sources of expoitation and oppression.

Power relations and capitalist globalisation are not abstract
circumstances but are also based on concrete and therefor attackable

Nationals states and the EU constitution

The EU is not a homogen block but made out of variouse national interests. A strong center is aiming to summerize these interests and is functioning as an identity of local common interest. To find political
decisions effectively an EU constitution is tried to enforce to limit the options of smaller memberstates and to complicate the possibilities of antithesis. The draft of this constitution, if it gets reality, means
a development of the domination of the so called central europe consisting of france and germany.

Global exploitation and politics of power

The EU is with the existing differences getting more in the position of a power bloc showing the will to defend and develop an own leading economic position in the world. This means among others, to create a
optimum profitable situation for the european economy. This means to close the markets against competition and to get an exclusive access to raw material and sources of energy. The international capitalist division of labour keeps the so called developing countries in
dependence and forces dumping of ressources. With contracts about economy and international influence the EU is pushing these countries to deconstruct their custom and trade restrictions with seriouse consequences for the economy: the import of duty-free and subsidized
products and services from the EU destroys the local industry and agriculture. Germany and the EU are not caring for no real climate change or help for poor because this is not touching their national or
european interests. It is just about the image to keep the circumstances running.

European Strategy in Asia

Eastern asia is a growing market that the european capital wants to participate in. It is no secret why it is a paying business you can make there: the exploitation of the working people is very strong. Poornes of
hughe amounds of people plus a lot of labour force keeps sallary down.

The conditions of the people working and living in that region are back-breaking and without any guaranteed labour-rights. The european strategy in asia is to be seen in the context of imperialistic competition of EU, upcoming asian states and the USA. In contracts with the EU the states of eastern asia should build the frame for secure
investment and open markets for EU products and wide traffic of capital.

Exclusive free trade areas of the EU and the close relation to China should function to get the USA out of the asian market. The plan of asian states to sell gas and oil with euro should establish this as a
second currency on a global level. The european union and its memberstates are political and economic one of the most active power blocs in the world and therefor responsible for global exploitation, climate-change, poorness and war.

Against wars and foreign assignments

Especially under the lead managment of germany and france the interests
of economy are pushed through with militair. European war missions are
ongoing reality. One view on the EU-constitution draft is making one thing clear: armament is the duty of all memberstates. Structures are developed to get a better situation for intervention with militair. The direct deployment of militair forces and groups for intervention are set up allready and are seen as a basic in the constitution. The threat of
wars is in the EU frame a part of politics, if the economic or political interests of the states taking part are in any way in danger.

No one is illegal - freedom of movement for all!

Besides the immediate consequences of the globalised economy - poverty, misery and lack of perspective - political prosecution and war are substantial reasons for migration. EU is implementing an aggressive
policy of sealing off and deportation against refugees. Borders are open only for commodities and occasionally for urgently needed labour power. Hope for a life without prosecution and essential misery is being destroyed by an immigration policy tailored exclusively to the requirements of European economies. By attacking the freedom of movement of migrants and denying fundamental human rights, EU and its national states are pursuing a policy of enforcing their objectives internally
and externally by means of violence and repression. Hence dead people as well as inhuman placement in camps and exploitation in illegalised conditions are accepted aas part of the bargain.

Stop deregulation and cutback of education and social security! EU is primal driving force of neoliberal policy and the strong European states - Germany, France and UK - are in turn the driving force inside EU.
Restruction in the context of European integration policy was and is creating a "free market" for goods, capital and services. It stands for privatisation of formerly public services, spaces and enterprises, deregulation of processes of production and trade and massive reduction
of social security benefits. Coercive measures in the labour market are
resulting in low wage sectors and aggravating the impoverishment of
considerable fractions of society. Privatisation of services serves to
subordinate basic human needs like education and health to the market
economy`s logic. Living conditions are deteriorating; economic success
and competition are being proclaimed the principle of survival. We are
rejecting this order of society.

Storm the summit!

While initially focusing on restructuring the respective system of
economy and society, the prospect of a European world power has become
an increasingly crucial aspect of EU policy. Despite local crisis and
instabilities, competition, with the US in particular, should not
develop into a hazard to the common objective: the unconditional
safeguarding of the capitalist world order. Therefor, congregations are
being staged for exchange and fine-tuning among the most important
competitors. The forthcoming G8 summit amounts to more than a symbolic
location. Power and influence of the participating countries are able to
substantially influence the decisions of international institutions like
IMF, WTO and the Worldbank.

Our criticism of globalisation relates to resistance against patriotism
or national economic models. We are rejecting nationalist, racist or
antisemitic criticism of EU and globalisation. We are denying the
legitimacy of G8 as well as of EU or of national states' interests. The
capitalist system as a whole is not reformable! We are radically
repudiating the established, its ideology, its values and its norms.

Revolte is feasible and palpable!

Our outlook takes in social and political movements being active not in
local space only, but on a European and an international level.
Border-crossing solidarity after the eviction of Ungdomshuset in
Copenhagen, Euro Marches against the cutback of social security, protest
against precarisation and coercion to work, and the storm on EU and G8
summits in particular are our points of attraction. Summits are symbols
and protagonists of an overall, totalitarian, capitalist and patriarchal
system. A view beyond one's own nose, questioning one's own privileges
and acknowledging variouse forms of domination are indispensable
buliding blocks of radical left policy. Criticism of globalisation
without discussion of antisemitism is bound to be as necessarily wrong
as criticism of capitalism without discussion of gender relations and

Our political perspectives and resistances are contradictory and
manifold. But we are agreeing with many others in rejecting the existing
order as a wholw and in this struggle for another world being possible
and necessary. Both ASEM and G8 are just bricks in the walls of
exploitation and exclusion, of destruction and oppression. Let's start
tearing down the walls!

Sink G8 and EU summits!

Against imperialist world orders, patriarchal and capitalist conditions!

Fight nationalism, racism and antisemitism!

federal coalition against the EU and G8 summit

contact: summitblock[at]

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